25 Unique Mobile App Ideas to Solve Everyday Problems


Mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives. The advent of smartphones and tablets meant that apps are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The mobile app industry is expected to reach $6.3 trillion by 2021. The sheer magnitude of the market is an indication of the potential that exists. Whether it’s booking a ride or ordering food, there’s an app for everything. But what if there were apps that could solve our everyday problems in a unique way? Here are 25 unique mobile app ideas that could solve everyday problems:

25 Unique Mobile App Ideas to Solve Everyday Problems

1. Car Parking Finder: A hybrid of Google Maps and Tinder. This app would allow users to find empty parking spaces and get a notification when a spot becomes available. Users can swipe left or right to indicate their interest in the spot.

2. Diaper Reminder: For new parents who often forget to change their newborn’s diapers. This app sends a notification after a specified time has passed since the last diaper change.

3. Grocery List Generator: This app would automatically generate a grocery list based on the user’s eating habits, favorite recipes and shopping history. It would also suggest alternatives for items that are out of stock.

4. Sounds of Nature: Users can use this app to listen to calming sounds of nature, such as rainforest or ocean waves, to relieve anxiety and stress.

5. Medicine Reminder: For people who take multiple medications, this app sends a notification when it is time to take each medication, reduces the risk of missed doses and overdose.

6. Art Recognition: This app uses AI to identify an artist and the artwork by taking a photo of it. The app would provide the user with the name of the artwork, the artist’s name, and other pertinent information.

7. Language Exchange: Users can connect with a native speaker of a language they want to learn, and the app matches them with someone who wants to learn their native language.

8. Pothole Mapper: This app allows users to report potholes by taking a picture of it, adding the location, and noting the severity of the pothole.

9. Whistle Finder: Losing your keys or phone can be frustrating, but with this app, users can whistle and the app will beep to help users locate their lost items.

10. Donation Tracker: This app tracks charitable donations and reminds users to donate on a regular basis.

11. Personality Test: Users can take a personality test and receive customized product recommendations based on their results.

12. Locate My Friends: This app allows users to share their location with friends and family to track their whereabouts.

13. Professional Makeup Tutorial: Makeup artists or beauty gurus can upload video tutorials on the app for users to watch and learn from.

14. Walk Reminder: This app alerts users when they’ve been sitting for too long, reminding them to take a walk or stretch their legs.

15. Food Allergy Translator: This app translates food allergies and intolerances into any language to help users communicate their dietary needs to restaurant staff when travelling.

16. Idle Phone Reminder: For users who have a habit of leaving their phones idle for long periods of time, this app reminds them to pick it up and use it.

17. Social Causes Platform: This app allows users to raise funds and awareness for social causes by creating campaigns, and sharing them with their friends and family.

18. Recycle Reminder: This app sends a notification to remind users about their recycling bin collection day and what items can and can’t be recycled.

19. Appointment Reminder: This app sends a notification to remind users of upcoming appointments, meetings or deadlines.

20. Pet Care: Pet owners can schedule veterinarian appointments, track their pet’s weight and receive reminders for grooming sessions.

21. Sleep Sound Machine: This app provides users with a variety of soothing sounds to help them sleep better at night.

22. Daily Workout Plan: Users can choose from a range of workouts such as HIIT, yoga or strength training, and the app would generate a personalized workout plan for them.

23. Rent-a-Plant: This app connects users with local plant nurseries for renting plants based on their preference and seasonality.

24. Parking Fine Defender: This app allows users to dispute parking tickets received by taking a picture of the parking violation and submitting it to the app. The app will then generate a letter to send to the council.

25. Household Chores Share: This app allows users to share their household chores with a partner or a roommate. Users can schedule tasks and get a notification when a task is due.

Editor Comment:

Mobile apps have the potential to solve everyday problems. With so many options available, it’s easy to overlook the small problems that we need help with. Apps like these can help make daily tasks easier, more efficient, and ultimately more satisfying.

1. How do I develop a unique app idea?

A: One of the best ways to develop a unique app idea is to identify everyday problems that people face and find ways to solve them through technology.

2. How do I market my app successfully?

A: To market your app successfully, you need to identify your target audience and focus on their needs. Additionally, you should optimize your app store listing for SEO, leverage social media, and run paid advertising campaigns.

3. How do I monetize my app?

A: There are several ways to monetize your app, including charging users a fee to download or use the app, selling in-app purchases, offering advertisements, or using a subscription model.


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